Common Centipede

Common Centipede: North Carolina's Low Maintenance Sod

When it comes to beautiful, low-maintenance sod, it doesn’t get much better than Common Centipede. This sod variety is best fit for sandy soils. An excellent turf for full sun and wide open areas.

characteristics of common centipede

TextureCentipede has low-growing, bright green blades and a medium to coarse texture
Warm SeasonCommon Centipede enjoys North Carolina’s warm weather and has the least maintenance requirements of the warm season turfgrasses
ColorLight Green
Mowing DemandsLow
Fertilization DemandsLow
Irrigation Demands
Cold Tolerance
Shade Tolerance
Wear Tolerance
Drought ToleranceGood
Best UsesHome lawns with full sun, bank stabilization around ponds and waterways, open areas with low traffic wear.
Pallet SizeEach piece is 2’ wide by 5’ long (10 square feet) each pallet contains 450 square feet; or 50 yards
Big Roll Size42” wide by 80’ long (280 square feet; or 31 yards)
Recommended Mowing Height1”-1.5”