Raleigh St Augustine

Raleigh St. Augustine: North Carolina's Shade Tolerant Lawn Grass

The most shade tolerant of all our warm season grasses, Raleigh St. Augustine is a great choice for homes in heavily wooded areas. St. Augustine sod’s attractive blue-green color and dense, lush growth make for a beautiful lawn – particularly in North Carolina’s warm weather, to which this grass is well suited.

characteristics of raleigh st. augustine

TextureLarge, flat stems and broad, coarse leaves that form a dense
Warm SeasonRaleigh St. Augustine is the most cold hardy of the St. Augustine varieties and the most shade tolerant of all our warm season varieties.
ColorEmerald Green
Mowing DemandsMedium
Fertilization DemandsMedium
Irrigation Demands
Cold Tolerance
Shade Tolerance
Wear Tolerance
Drought ToleranceBest
Best UsesHome lawns with full and shaded lawns with at least 4 hours of sunlight, bank stabilization around ponds and waterways, open areas with low traffic wear
Pallet SizeEach piece is 16” wide by 45” long (5 square feet) each pallet contains 450 square feet; or 50 yards
Big Roll Size42” wide by 80’ long (280 square feet; or 31 yards)
Recommended Mowing Height2.5”-4”