Triple Threat Tall Fescue: North Carolina's BEST Fescue!

Triple Threat Tall Fescue is the proven and popular fescue variety for North Carolina. Triple Threat lawns require less overseeding, have better disease resistance, excellent shade tolerance, and deep year round color. 

characteristics of tall fescue

TextureTall Fescue's medium textured leaf blade makes it the perfect "green carpet" for your home lawn or children's playground
Cool SeasonTall Fescue stays green year round, meaning it will look beautiful throughout the winter
ColorDark, deep rich green
Mowing DemandsMedium
Fertilization DemandsMedium
Irrigation Demands
Cool Tolerance
Shade Tolerance
Wear Tolerance
Drought ToleranceGood
Best UsesHome lawns with full sun to part shade; high shade tree lines; areas that require high aesthetic quality
Pallet SizeEach piece is 2' wide by 5' long (10 square feet). Each pallet contains 450 square feet or 50 yards
Big Roll Size42" wide by 80' long (280 square feet; or 31 yards)
Recommended Mowing Height2.5" - 3.5"