TifTuf Bermuda

TifTuf Bermuda: The New Standard in Drought-Tolerant Bermuda

TifTuf brings to the table a new standard in Bermuda sod. With better drought tolerance, faster spring green up and more durability, TifTuf Bermuda is the perfect sod for an area with high traffic and restricted water use. Lush green color and dense canopy, TifTuf is a great choice for a home lawn, golf course or athletic field.

characteristics of tiftuf bermuda

TextureFine leaf blade and dense canopy
Warm SeasonTifTuf is a warm season grass that loves full sun
ColorMedium green and light brown color when dormant
Mowing DemandsHigh
Fertilization DemandsHigh
Irrigation Demands
Cool Tolerance
Shade Tolerance
Wear Tolerance
Drought ToleranceBest
Best UsesHome lawns and sports fields with full sun; great for areas with high traffic and wear
Pallet SizeEach piece is 2' wide by 5' long (10 square feet). Each pallet contains 450 square feet or 50 yards
Big Roll Size42" wide by 80' long (280 square feet; or 31 yards)
Recommended Mowing Height1" - 1.5"